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Found 4 results


    gazebo simulator launch problem

    Hello Intera team, When I finished all the install process by following the Intera SDK Gazebo tutorial, I tried to launch the gazebo simulator and run the example: $ ./ sim $ roslaunch sawyer_sim_examples sawyer_pick_and_place_demo.launch but through the terminal, I saw some errors and warnings. It shows many example codes have errors. and a Warning shows " Converting a deprecated SDF source[data-string]." Can anyone help me diagnose it or provide any advice? So appreciate! Junchao Li
  2. lr101095

    vibrating model

    While running the sawyer simulation in intera 5.2, i can see that the model is vibrating. Calling rostopic echo robot/limb/right/gravity_compensation_torques, you can see that there are changes being constantly made in actual_position, actual_velocity, actual_effort and gravity_only. I compared the same topic to the real robot, and i saw no changes in the output. Does anyone know why this happens in the simulation or how to resolve it?
  3. lr101095

    vibrating model

    I'm currently running intera 5.2 on my PC and trying to run a sawyer simulation with a force/torque sensor on the end effector. I'm using rqt_plot to get the readings from the f/t sensor. but i'm getting unnecessary noise from the signal even when the sensor is not in contact with anything. (see first screenshot) When i put the f/t sensor to a surface in a static manner (end-effector put towards the surface and kept in contact), the signal is violently oscillating between a max force and 0. (see second screenshot) Zooming into the model of both sawyer and the f/t sensor, i can see that they are both vibrating a little. i can tell because the shadow is oscillating a little bit. I'm posting this question on this forum because i wanted to ask if there have been any changes in the simulation since 5.2.2 was released? i also wanted to ask if anyone was able to resolve this "error"?
  4. Mike_Fair

    Sawyer SDK 5.2 is Now Available

    Rethink Robotics is thrilled to announce the latest version of the Sawyer SDK is available for download! The release includes: Gazebo Simulator - Allows you to simulate controlling Sawyer in a physics and virtual environment before running the actual robot. New Motion Interface - This mode allows the user to specify high-level (Joint or Cartesian space) waypoints. Sawyer’s own onboard motion controller will then generate smooth trajectories that will interpolate motion between these waypoints. Impedance and Force control mode interfaces - Users can more quickly take advantage of Sawyer’s unique differentiator of having built in torque sensors on each joint to use force or impedance control with the robot. Impedance control allows you to directly control the Cartesian stiffness of the endpoint. Force control enables the robot to exert forces and moments in the six Cartesian dimensions. ClickSmart - Support for the Rethink Robotics ClickSmart family of gripper kits. More detailed information about the release can be found in Ian’s recent blog post It is important to note that you must upgrade to Intera 5.2.2 in order to use the latest Sawyer SDK functionality. Also, if you intend to use Sawyer in Gazebo, you must make sure your workstation is running Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic. If you're not using Gazebo at all, you may still use SDK 5.2 with a workstation running Ubuntu 14.04 and ROS Indigo. Getting Started with Sawyer SDK: 1. Download Intera 5.2.2 from the Forum 2. Update Developer Workstation to SDK 5.2 3. Check out the Gazebo Tutorial For additional support please be sure to visit our SDK Forum to tap into the vast network of global experts for answers, suggestions, and collaboration.