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  1. Chew Wei Yi

    Sawyer/TCP/IP/Keysight 3070 System

    Hello everyone, Anyone have experience on using TCP/IP with Keysight 3070 system ? Network connection has successfully connected between Sawyer and Keysight 3070 system. Sawyer perform homing done and set signal to Keysight 3070 system Keysight 3070 system received sawyer signal and proceed to ask to perform next step ( open fixture ) However, sawyer did not receive the signal ( check shared data ) from Keysight 3030 system, hence no actions moved. Anyone know why ? Or anyone have good sample between Sawyer and keysight 3070 system to share with me ? thank you in advance
  2. Chew Wei Yi

    Setting up Sawyer

    Hi, I have just set up my Sawyer. I have powered on and the display screen shows the eyes is closed and stucked there. Any Solutions ? I'm suppose to see green condition light appears on sawyer's head and the eyes show on the Robot Screen and be prompted to home all of Sawyer's Joints but I didn't see any of these.