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  1. Thanks Don. Sorry for misguiding you, but now I see what the real question I shall raise after understanding the relationship between the Intera Studio and Intera and the difference between Inter 5 and SDK. Best Yunxi
  2. Hi Don, Thanks for your response. Then my question is, technically, is it possible to collect live data from Intera Studio when the robot is in the Intera mode. If so, could you recommend a feasible approach in practice? Many Thanks Yunxi
  3. Hi Don, Thanks for your response. Now I see the difference between the Intera 5 and the SDK. Honest speaking, I did go through the two main pages in the URL you provided. I think my confusion coming from the Intera Studio (i.e. functions available on the web-based interface), which is a new feature available in the Sawyer robot. At the moment, our research project is interested in how to collect useful information from the Intera Studio. So my question is if the Intera Studio is a part of the Intera 5 or SDK? Regards Yunxi
  4. Hi Don, Thanks for your response. Honestly speaking, I don't see the clear difference between the manufacturing version and the SDK version. As far as I know, the SDK version is mainly used to control the robot to achieve tasks. What is the manufacturing version mainly used for? Is it related to the functions on the Web-based interface (e.g. create, save, open tasks)? To be more clear, I just raised a new post on this forum, and that is my main question. Look forward to your answer. Thanks Yunxi
  5. Hi Don, Thanks for your prompt answer. According to your answer, do you mean, a workstation in an external Ubuntu OS always needs to be connected to the robot, so the workstation can collect the information from the robot and send these information to a remote server via HTTP requests? In our current research project, we want to collect information such as the progress of all current tasks (e.g. all packing and unpacking tasks, and whether these tasks have been done or not) programmed in the robot. Is there a way that I can collect these information from the robot? Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Yunxi
  6. Thanks, Spear. Just new to Saywer robot, and have no clear clue whether the robot's internal server is related to SDK or Intera, as I thought the Intera Studio (web-based screen) was also related to the internal server, but not sure if the Intera Studio was related to Intera or SDK, that's why I post the same question on two sections. For the duplicate post, it was a total mistake, as I thought I was updating my old post. Cheers, Yunxi
  7. Hi all, Is it possible to enable the Sawyer robot to automatically send HTTP requests to a remote server? Currently, my idea is to connect a ubuntu OS to the Sawyer's internal server via SSH (no idea how to achieve this, please see my previous post), and then I can set a python script and execute this script via a crontab task to achieve this goal. Do you think this idea could work or any other alternative approach that could work for this purpose? Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Yunxi
  8. Hi Guys, Our company just bought a new Sawyer robot, and we tried to connect to its internal server via ssh. At the moment, I can successfully run rosxxx commands once my ubuntu OS is connecting to the robot via a router, but I fail to figure out if it is possible to connect to the robot via a ssh command. The only tutorial related to SSH I've found out online is the SSH related to the Baxter robot. I tried to use " ruser" as the SSH username, but it doesn't work. Any idea about if it is possible to connect to the Sawyer robot via SSH? Look forward to hearing from you. Many Thanks Yunxi