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  1. Hi Eric, Yes, I did after a bit of a challenge from the Techsupport. Upon robot delivery, the safety PLC is not configured for external PLC control. You need to ask for a safety PLC software upgrade file and steps on how to load it on the Banner safety PLC from your local support, and this will solve everything if the sawyer is running the latest firmware. Depending on your external safety devices you can then choose appropriate signals. Shame there is no option to pause/stop the main task externally. It has to be through software logic triggered on a digital input signal or Comms through a PLC. I hope this helps. Regards Ash
  2. Hi There, I'm new to sawyer robot and i must say integrating external safety devices and controlling the sawyer remotely from a PLC via a simple start, stop and safety reset is not straight forward as compared to the other robots I have integrated to PLC and safety system. I'm trying to use a three push-button - Start/Resume, Stop and Safety reset which are controlled through a PLC. I found there are only non-safety signals that go through SC26 safety relay! The three non-safety IN11, IN12, and IN13 do not come with Nonsafety robot stop or pause. Any of the external safety inputs - IN 15-16 and IN17-18 act as safety stop which is not I want it to happen. Is there a way to stop/ pause the robot without tripping the safety through hardwire signals? For tripping the robot using a safety mat or Light curtain I simulated by sending control voltage as per the manual. The robot's safety trips but the SC26 goes into fault mode and the signal on IN13 has no impact. This is very odd and nothing is explained in the manual. Does the SC26 safety relay in the sawyer need re-programming? I'm surprised to see there are no jumpers in the safety input channel. Please, can anyone help? I have a tight deadline. Regards, Ash