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    Cannot Control Sawyer using SDK

    For all future visitors, I have found the problem: It seems our company workstation have some kind of firewall or other networking settings that block the avahi mDNS service. To confirm my finding I installed vanilla ubuntu on an old workstation we had lying around. With that workstation it worked like a charm. Cheers
  2. FontanaSimon

    Cannot Control Sawyer using SDK

    Hi, I am currently trying to control the Sawyer using the Intera SDK(v.5.3). I am able to ping the Robots IP and its *.local hostname. I am also able to communicate with the ROS Master. This means i can read pretty much all the data(angles, force, effort etc.). My Problem is, that i cant send action commands to the robot. For example: I can read the state of the robot using "rosrun intera_interface -s" and I get the following response: homed: True ready: True enabled: True stopped: False error: False lowVoltage: False estop_button: 0 estop_source: 0 If I now try to disable the robot using "rosrun intera_interface -d" I get an error and nothing happens. The same occurs when I try to start intera_examples like, etc.. When trying to move the robot using the python shell the robot doesn't move, but there is no error message. (I can confirm, that the the functions are writing data in their respective topic, for example: "limb.move_to_joint_positions()" function is writing data to the </robot/limb/right/joint_command>-topic.) I looked intro the source code and all of those errors come from timeouts. (In the "limb.move_to_joint_positions()" function a timeout happens, but it is not raised) Does anybody have an idea what could cause this? Cheers and many thanks