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  1. ahzahra

    Custom End Effector

    I was able to find the link below, which shows that this problem can be solved for the Baxter robot. I wonder if there's a similar solution for the Sawyer? https://groups.google.com/a/rethinkrobotics.com/forum/#!topic/brr-users/sijO1WaEIyI
  2. ahzahra

    Sawyer Arm Fast IK

    I would love an answer to this question as well. I tried a lot of things to get IK Fast to work, but was never able to.
  3. ahzahra

    Custom End Effector

    Hello everyone, Was hoping someone could help me with a problem I'm having. I'm attaching a ~2.8 Kg load to Sawyer's end effector via the Clicksmart Plate, and I'm trying to use Moveit! in ROS to move the arm around while the payload is attached. In doing so, however, I encounter the following problems: 1) The arm often stops executing a trajectory early and the joint trajectory action server node gives the following error: Robot arm in Error state. Stopping execution. 2) The arm violates the path tolerances when executing the trajectory 3) The path executed is very very noisy My theory is that the motor controllers are not accounting for the added load on the end effector, which could definitely mess up the trajectory execution. I tried rebooting the robot in Intera Mode, and following the tutorial of setting up a custom end effector, but when I restart the robot in SDK mode, the robot still experiences the same problem . Anyone know how to fix this?