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  1. Steffen Scherf

    Vision Pick

    Hello Katharina, Max and Lukasz, I´m Steffen Scherf the Head of Application Engineering from Rethink Robotics GmbH Very nice description from Lukasz! If you have any question you can also contact me directly.
  2. Steffen Scherf

    Vision Pick

    Thank you Lukasz!!
  3. Steffen Scherf

    Model of the Force Sensor

    Hi, It is a special combination with the "springs" so it is a custom measure system.
  4. Steffen Scherf

    Issues with Intera 5.3

    Okay, thank you for this information, I will tell it the softwareteam to check this.
  5. Steffen Scherf

    Issues with Intera 5.3

    Hi CSIC, do you use the Robot with Intera ?
  6. Steffen Scherf

    Purchasing Fuses

    Hi Pat, please contact me I can help you.