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    Vision Pick

    Hey guys, I'm need to create a Vision Pick but don't know how, unfortunately I don't have access to the training portal. It's supposed to be a very simple pick and place of an static object that's somewhere on a table. I know how to create a locator in the snapshot galery and also how to pick and place. What's missing is the connection inbetween. How do I tell Sawyer to pick where the object is located? Best regards and thank you, Katharina
  2. Kinne

    First Joint not movable

    Hey there, after transporting Sawyer it is not possible to twist the first joint. Sometimes the joints are pictured red (like in the pcture), but by twisting the relevant joint the problem was solved. This time it is not possible to twist the first joint at all. Any ideas? Best regards, Katharina
  3. Kinne

    Vision Pick

    Hey, thanks again for your response. Unfortunately it's still not working. We pressed "Gehe zu" and set the similarity to 20% and the angles to -180 and 180, but still couldn't press "Verschieben". We tried over and over again, but without success. The problem might be that it says on the screen "Armcamera" instead of "Armcamera is proofing" (or similar). The camera does find the object though and there is the green rectangle around it. Best, Katharina and Max
  4. Kinne

    Vision Pick

    Hi Lukasz, Thanks a lot for the nice description! But we have a problem as you can see in the attached picture. We are not able to choose "relocate" if we test the snapshot. Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance! Katharina & Max