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  1. redbullbandit

    coordinates inconsistency

    I built a frame out of 80/20 and mounted it directly to Sawyer so it's physically impossible for Sawyer to move from it's pick and place locations. I have a Harmo robot placing objects onto the frame and Sawyer puts them into boxes that are also on the same frame. I had problems with getting the landmark to work in the beginning so I've never used it since. I was never able to figure it out. The first time it happened I recalibrated and it remained the same. The origin seemed to have shifted in the x-direction. So I thought ok, it must be either within Sawyer's encoders or maybe there is something weird in my program. I remade the program and it's origin was still off from the previous time but I continued on. When it did it shifted the second time, I never recalibrated, I just deleted the program and made a whole new one (very frustrating) but it went back to the previously shifted position, not the original origin from when I started programming it. I haven't ran it that much since, so I am not sure if it will do it again. Hopefully next week I will have my one of my end effectors made so that I can run for a while and see what happens.
  2. redbullbandit

    coordinates inconsistency

    So I am performing a pick and place with sawyer. it is picking up 3 items and placing each in a box. I have the 3 items centered around Sawyer's coordinates. the first item is at like x = -200 y = 460, second is x = 0 y = 460 and the third x = 200 and y = 460. Everything runs fine for a few cycles and then the x dimension will shift with no reason, all of a sudden its off by 4mm but it says that the coordinates are still -200, 0 and 200. I have the coordinates taped out so physically nothing is changing, it seems as tho the dimensions of which sawyer is sitting on within the program are changing. I have the newest version of intera, I have the picks and the places slowed down completely and the approaches are matching the picks. It seems like sawyer is getting lost within itself with each movement. I'm wondering if there is something going on with my Sawyer itself or if there is a bug in the newest software??? Please Help!!!!