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    Cannot sync with NTP server

    I gained some experience with making Sawyer + NTP work in corporate environment. Is your problem still relevant? In my case, I used tcpdump (Wireshark) to capture NTP traffic. It helped me to realize that Sawyer was silently rejecting new NTP configurations in situations when these configurations had accessibility limitations. The limitations of the new NTP configurations were not known to me and no indications were provided by Sawyer that it didn’t use the configured setup. I observed with Wireshark that even after updating "NTP Servers" on Sawyer, the robot continued to query NTP servers that were our OLD configuration (these old NTP servers were not available). It also became obvious that until the robot got response from new NTP servers, the setup presented to the user was not in sync with its internal configurations. A successful update happened after Sawyer was getting response from one of the NTP servers in the new setup. From the header of your /etc/ntp.conf I see that NTP policies are managed. I have some insights about this part which may be critical to success of setting your NTP server. What company are you from? :) You can message me in private.