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  1. Hi, I am a PhD. student in Northeastern University. There is a 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper (It is from ROBOTIQ) in our lab, and my work now is to install this gripper on Sawyer to let Sawyer work together with this gripper to realize some pick and place tasks. My problem is that, if I want to install this gripper on Sawyer, what kind of specific hardware (something likes an adapter, a connector or so on) do I need?
  2. Ruofan

    Supply Voltage of the Sawyer

    Hi, I am a student in Northeastern University. I am now using a third party gripper with Sawyer together to do some tasks. I saw electrical specifications of Sawyer shows that it provides Supply Voltage of 24V at 1A via Terminal Block. I also see the picture of the power supply you provide in the specifications. It seems that this terminal block voltage supply is not a part of Sawyer. My question is that is the Terminal Block Voltage Supply come with Sawyer or we need to buy it separately? Thanks.
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    Sawyer robot's connection with Robotiq gripper

    Hi Jake, Thank you very much!
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    Sawyer robot's connection with Robotiq gripper

    Hi Tobias, Thank you very much!