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  1. Hi everyone!


    I'm trying to do motion planning pipeline with moveIt in my Sawyer

    but there are only tutorials in c++ by MoveIt!, when i run this tutorial

    i have  a error with systaxis (but i'm sure that it's okay).

    do anyone some code or tutorial about it in python?

    or do anyone know if i need to do anything to copile code in c++?

    can anyone help me?

    thanks a lot!


  2. Hi everyone!

    i am trying to move my robot with MoveIt, but i can´t do.

    if i try to move my robot with intera_examples, it work perfect.

    But i would like to move by MoveIt because this tool can help you to do trayectories robot easier.

    i have followed the tutorial, but when i plan the trayectory and after that execute i have some warnings :

    -1 warning :  No trasform avaible between frame 'reference/right_gripper_r_finger_tip' and planning frame '/base' (could not find a connection between 'base' and 'reference/right_gripper_r_finger' because they are not part of the same tree. Tf has two or more unconnected trees)

    /// I think this warning no is a problem

    -2 warning: Interactive marker 'EE_goal_right_gripper_tip' contains unnormalized quaternios 

    -3 warning: Didn´t received robot state (joint angles) with recent timestamp within 1 seconds. check clok synchronization if your are running ROS across multiple machines! failed to fetch current robot states

    failed to validate trajectory_ couldn`t receive full current joint state within 1s

    // i think that it is teh problem, but i can fix it, anyone can help me???

    or someone have the same problem or can anyone say me how can work with moveit and sawyer??



  3. I  think you have a problem of communicate between Robot and your computer.

    the first time i try it like you, after that i can get the date like angles, force etc, but when i try to move my robot, it not work.

    So, i had to correct my communicate and after that it work. (if you can do ping  <hostname.local> and your computer, it will have to work)

  4. I've been able to connect to robot by IP, also i get rostopic < echo /robot/joint_states> succesfull

    but when I'm trying to do ->

    [intera -] civ@civ-VirtualBox:~/ros_ws$ rosrun intera_examples
    Initializing node...
    Getting robot state...
    Enabling robot...
    [INFO] [1546511493.727429]: Robot Enabled
    Running. Ctrl-c to quit

    the robot no moving, it doesn't do anything.

    i think that the problem is when robot have to do this -->  self._limb.move_to_neutral() or limb.move_to_joint_positions(angles), the robot don't move when i send this comand


    anyone can help me! please !