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  1. Do you have any code you could possibly share? Especially how you go around calculating velocity and acceleration. I've avoided using the joint trajectory method as I don't have the time to implement it, I've managed so far with just the ik and set_joint_positions and the Motion Waypoint system.
  2. Is there any tips and advice on improving sawyers movements using the SDK? Intera has some nice movements that make the robot look much more attractive than I've managed to achieve with the SDK. Is it purely using the Motion Waypoint system? I'm currently using that for cartisean based movements but I get a lot of erros with "Cartisean Path not Found" when it managed such a movement fine in the same joint positions. Any advice is welcome.
  3. CSIC

    Getting images from both cameras in sawyer

    I dont remeber where I found it, may even be from this forum, but I have a script that allows both cameras to work simultaneously. I've not done much with it myself but it worked in Rviz. Hope this helps you out. both_cam.py
  4. CSIC

    Issues with Intera 5.3

    Hi Steffen, Sorry I didn't say, I'm having issues in the SDK, not sure about intera as I havent used it while it was using 5.3. The specific issue I was having was the motion waypoint planner was either failing completely or executing then exiting after the timeout had passed. This didn't appear to happen with an consistency.
  5. CSIC

    Issues with Intera 5.3

    Recently updated sawyer to 5.3 and I've been having issues with motion waypoints and cartisean movements. Has anybody else had similar problems? I'm going to revert to 5.2 to hopefully solve this problem.
  6. CSIC

    Sawyer and AR Track Alvar

    I've tried changing the camera_info topic to something that shouldn't work and it in fact doesn't work. I've also used topic_tools relay to relay the camera_info topic and that continues to detect markers so while my rqt_graph doesn't show a connection from .../camera_info to /ar_track_alvar I think it is? I now believe that the calibration is wrong however rectified images do look accurate. How can I re-calibrate sawyers camera or at least check its calibration?
  7. I've been trying to implement this http://wiki.ros.org/ar_track_alvar and I've got the tags detecting but they are not aligned in the camera view on rviz. My suspicion is that the camera_info is not being applied and using rqt_graph confirms this. The node /ar_track_alvar is subscribing to the topic /io/internal_camera/head_camera/image_raw but not to /io/internal_camera/head_camera/camera_info. The camera_info topic appears to be correct and the rectified image looks correct. I don't understand why this is the case, I've checked my launch file and the topic for the camera_info is correct, can somebody point me to some possible things I can test to try get this working.