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  1. Hi, I was trying to use the head camera. But when the joint J0 moves, the head moves as well. I want to keep the camera facing towards the x-axis always. I tried to counteract the J0's rotation angle. But it's very shaky still. Is there a stable way to make the camera facing towards a fixed direction? Thanks.
  2. Tao

    J5 joint locked to a fixed position

    Yeah, I solved it by recalibrating again as well.
  3. Hi, I ran some interaction control examples on the robot previously. Now, J5 joint seems to be always locked to a fixed position, even if I pressed the zero-G button to move the arm. If I forcefully rotate the joint J5 in zero-G mode, it will go back to that fixed position again. I have tried to reboot the robot but it doesn't help. I attached an image which shows the fixed position that J5 always try to maintain. What went wrong? Thanks.
  4. Tao

    J5 joint locked to a fixed position

    Got it. Thanks.
  5. Tao

    J5 joint locked to a fixed position

    Hi, Don Thanks for your reply. How can I download the log files from the robot? The robot is in SDK mode. Thanks.